About Me 🌺

Melrroseapparel is an Asian-owned small business created by me, Melody Rose. Currently, I am a college student studying environmental science in Boston, and I aspire to specialize in marine mammal research as a marine biologist. I have a passion for fashion and established my brand during the pandemic with the guidance of my wonderful mom, who taught me how to use a sewing machine. I am grateful to her for enabling me to offer many adorable pieces to you. Furthermore, a fashion club I created in high school served as an inspiration for creating cute items for melrroseapparel.

Through Melrroseapparel, I aim to prioritize ethical values, sustainability, and eco-friendly practices. I believe in the significance of preserving and supporting the environment, particularly the ocean and animal welfare. When you purchase from my website, I donate 5% of the profits to Oceana, a nonprofit organization dedicated to safeguarding and conserving the world's oceans. Each clothing item is meticulously designed and lovingly handmade by me. With appropriate care, these pieces can endure for a lifetime, allowing you to wear them repeatedly. I sincerely hope you enjoy my unique creations. <3